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We offer a range of services, all designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available a-la-carte, so you can get precisely what you need.

Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you – your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.


With Rapidly changing consumer behavior, your organization needs to act quickly, take risk, and change Internal processes, systems and organizational thinking to keep up with today’s disruptive ecosystems. Our team of entrepreneurial experts will guide your team to define your business’ Growth Strategy. Our approach will be customized based on your business size and needs. Our experts will focus on:

Defining the Growth Strategy – Market Growth Analysis, Market Segmentation, Competitive SWOT Analysis, Industry Landscape Analysis, and Growth Playbook

Defining the Product Strategy – Branding, Product Positioning and Business Case, Digital Strategy, Mobile Strategy, Social Strategy, Journey Mapping, and Product Lifecycle Management

Planning and Executing the Strategy – Business Plan, Innovative Platforms, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Project Planning, Technical Capabilities and Feasibilities

Go-To-Market Strategy – Marketing and Communications Plan, Sales Channel Definition, Market Rollout Plan, Training, and Post Launch Best Practices


Only through intelligent data-driven and data informed operations, your business’ competitive advantage will increase. Our IT experts will transform your business to create intelligent operations and new business ventures, re-architect and reorganize data and digital assets through Information Management best practices. We help our clients maximize data practices and technologies though innovative design and proactive management to reach and exceed business goals. Our Results Driven Team will focus on:

Data Quality Optimization & Taxonomy  Establish a baseline for data quality and structure, visual means of monitoring change, and valuing improvement initiatives and investments

Data and Content Governance, security, and architecture – Build governance and security structures that establish the strategic leadership and protection to create collaborative, secure connections between internal and external parties, and institute standards and change management tools to harden adherence to governance processes

Content Management Strategy – Increase operational velocity and deliver digital content scaled across the marketing journey

Data Visualization and Intelligence – Drive intelligent operations with real-time analysis including economic, market and predictive, coupled with business metrics design, IP creation and machine learning/Artificial Intelligence, and communicate the impact of your data through easy, intuitive mechanisms for extracting insights and deriving meaning


As markets shift and evolve, business strategies must change to adapt to market demands. Our team will help you transform your business from strategy to delivery and implementation focusing on your organization’s capabilities across people, processes and technology. Recalibrating the business strategy will focus on a realistic assessment of what your organization can do to align leadership, manage change and work through the disruption. Our primary objective will focus on:

Designing and aligning the organization – Health Check, Organizational Alignment & Governance, Operating, Excellence Model Definition, Performance Management

Minimizing operational disruption – Current operations continuity, Change Management Program Definition, ROI Development & Benefits Realization, and Roadmap implementation

Designing and aligning the organization – Health Check, Organizational Alignment & Governance, Operating, Excellence Model Definition, Performance Management

Minimizing operational disruption – Current operations continuity, Change Management Program Definition, ROI Development & Benefits Realization, and Roadmap implementation


Digital Disruption is a way to deliver on core strategy, delight customers and operate smarter and faster. Our digital experts help companies across all industries, regions and growth stages to determine not what digital will do to them, but what they will do with digital. Digital experiences, such as online shopping, mobile apps, social and reputation management, are now a standard part of daily life. Our digital experts help businesses create highly customized roadmaps based on their unique circumstances and needs. Our Solutions include:

Web Development – A business without a website is considered outdated. Digitisma Business Solutions can elevate your business to a new level. We have it covered from designing and building your website tailored to your business and marketing needs, to getting you traffic and visibility.

Digital Advertising & Media – We all know that advertising generates traffic. Digitisma takes it further and focused on generating leads and sales as the ultimate goal. We have the experts and the advisors to develop and launch campaigns. Our marketing-savvy professionals has the expertise to efficiently maximize your ROI based on your budget by targeting the right audience, and use analytics to improve and grow your marketing efforts.

Social Media & Reputation Management – Our Social & Reputation Management professionals and platform help businesses across all social media portals and centralizes your social activities to help you gain efficiency and find great results. Our team will monitor your reputation and reviews online, and will respond to positive and negative reviews professionally and in real-time to help you increase your ratings and keep you ahead of the competition.

Creative & Content Design – Our Creative team can design and produce interactive visual elements to catch the eye, generate tremendous exposure, and maintain brand consistency. We can design everything related to your branding and marketing needs. Our graphic professionals have helped major businesses establish their branding using our interactive approach and creating logos, banners, flyers, cards, posters, billboard signs, and 3D videos.

Lead Management & CRM – Wouldn’t it be nice if every person you talked to was an ideal candidate for your product or service? Imagine a world where interested consumers came to you – and you knew exactly what they wanted, how they got there, and that to win them over, all you had to do was provide the right information faster than your competition. Well our Lead Management and CRM services allow you to get closer to that dream… our experts can help generate leads, score and sort these leads and prioritize them based on likelihood to become a customer, and nurture and treat these customers to make them sales. Our approach is simple; generating leads is just the beginning! Scoring and treating these leads and sales by following up and building a relationship with each of these customer is what helps increase sales and loyalty.


About Us - Why Us?

So why Advanced Global Consulting and Solutions? What do you do differently than the competition? The answer is easy: We are not your typical service provider. Our competition is almost non-existent. Advanced Global Consulting and Solutions has accumulated veterans and experts that can easily address a business problem, then find a long term and cost-efficient solution that fit the business needs and gives the business a competitive advantage in the market place. Our approach to our services is guided by:

Adaptive Mindset – In the ever-changing digital world, reactionary quick fixes won’t cut it for long. We help companies create the capacity to continuously innovate through such processes as rapid prototyping, test and learn and customer learning loops, so that the investments in digital lead to sustainable growth even in a tumultuous marketplace.

Retail Mindset – No matter how much we focus on what the consumer wants, we have to keep a Retail Mindset to ensure the product is sold.



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